Christoph Hoeller, Austria

Christoph Hoeller, MD, PhD, is a professor of medicine at the Medical University of Vienna. He is a dermatology specialist, and his research is focused on the treatment of melanoma and other dermatologic malignancies. 

Dr. Hoeller received his education from the Medical University of Vienna, where he earned both his medical and doctoral degrees, as well as specialty training in dermatology and venereology from the university’s department of dermatology. During this time, Dr. Hoeller began his work in melanoma research, which earned him a scholarship from the Max Kade Foundation and 2 years abroad, working as a faculty member at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. 

Dr. Hoeller maintains continued success in scientific research, has presented his findings at numerous national and international conferences, and received several research awards. He is currently leading the melanoma study team and the outpatient center for melanoma treatment at the Medical University of Vienna. He is the current president of the Austrian Melanoma and Dermatooncology Group, board member of EADO and ADO as well as a member of the EORTC and ESMO melanoma groups.